Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Largest Snakes in the world

World's Biggest Snake in Indonesia

A python found in Indonesia is 14.85m (49ft) long and has a maximum body circumference of 85cm (almost three feet) and weighs 447kg (70 stone, 3lbs).
It was captured by a 58-year-old python expert from east Java who was summoned to Jambi after locals, who stumbled upon it while foraging for wood, were too afraid to approach it.
The expert reportedly neeed 65 helpers to snare the python and the blessing of tribal leaders as pythons are regarded as deities by many locals.
The python is proving to be a major attraction for the zoo, as about 700 people visit the Curugsewu zoo every day to admire the new but rather lazy star.
 Other  Largest Snakes in the world
The Largest Snake in the world
The Largest Snake in the world
The Largest Snake in the world
The Largest Snake in the world
Even though it’s called “Black Mamba”, its entire body isn’t all in black; the name is particularly given for its inky black mouth. It may be in the color of metal, olive green, dark olive, grey brown and you can see a light band around the body of some of their species. Normally, their skin becomes to darken when they age. They rely upon external heat to regulate their body temperature just like other extant reptiles.
Black Mambas move extremely fast, that is, up to 19.5km/h or 12mph. No wonder, they’re regarded as the fastest snake in the world.
The Largest Snake in the world;Crotalus Oreganus.
Crotalus Oreganus.

Crotalus oreganus is a Northern Pacific rattlesnake which is found primarily in parts of British Columbia, and north-western Mexico. This snake is often thought to be the most aggressive, notorious and venomous rattle snake in the U.S. It has a well-camouflaged under a log during a warm winter day and has shown its remarkable climbing and clinging skills in a tree. Wow, amazing.


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